About 90% of WGG’s sales are to households with 1 or 2 people sitting down to partake in a meal. And even if that household orders some larger-ticket Items like meat, fish or cheese, that still translates into way too much Produce for that household to use without way too much waste. So, these households forego ordering. From the WGG perspective, I have to set Minimum Order requirements to make WGG a successful, sustainable operation. We are all aware of the Island “tithe”…Gas, hardware, food just cost more. My suppliers face this tithe, as well, and that fact is reflected in the pricing I pay for their goods. This is “Local Food for Local Folks”… WGG doesn’t have the option of buying wholesale from Charlie’s and marking it up 200% like the groceries. With my Cost of Goods, I just cannot drive all over the Island making $20-25 deliveries, fiscally.

So, how to put these smaller Orders that meet your needs together with the efficiencies WGG needs to be sustainable and prosper?

There are a couple locations already where 2 or 3 households each make their separate, smaller Orders and WGG delivers to the 1 “Drop Site” location.  Each Order is packed separately into your cooler.  Each household cuts WGG a separate check for their amount due…Each has a separate, unique account in WGG’s farmigo ordering system so there is no “who owes how much for what??” dilemmas.

So whether it is a neighbor(s), friends or relatives that come together as a Drop Site, WGG will deliver to that  location weekly. I envision a neighborhood such as Admiral’s Cove or the Holmes Harbor Golf Course having a Drop Site…At the neighborhood level. More than likely, it’s going to take a while to build up to this. Presently, we have established Drop Sites in Coupeville, Freeland and Langley along with my place for those south of Deer Lake Rd.

If you would like to sponsor a Drop Site, please let me know so that I can match you to folks you do not know who are looking a location. Might make yourself a new friend! Other than a couple extra coolers in the driveway on delivery day, I do not foresee sponsoring a Drop Site as too much hassle.

The idea is to move Local Food from local farms and artisan producers into your kitchen in a timely and efficient (both yours & mine) manner. As always, my suppliers & I Thank You for spending your food dollars with us!